Dolls Through the Year Images
The images are stills from my various "Dolls Through the Year" videos. The videos showcase my dolls at seasonal or holiday points throughout the year. All the crochet work is my own.
01_January_Snow Days.jpg

January - Snow Days

02_February_Valentines Day.jpg

February - Valentine's Day

03_March_St. Patrick's Day.jpg

March - St. Patrick's Day


April - Easter

05A_Mother's Day.jpg

May - Mother's Day

05B_May_Memorial Day.jpg

May - Memorial Day

06_June_Rose Blooms.jpg

June - Rose Blooms

07_July_Independence Day.jpg

July - Independence Day

08_August_Old West.jpg

August - Old West

09_September_School Days.jpg

September - School Days

10_October_Costume Party.jpg

October - Costume Party


November - Thanksgiving


December - Christmas