Laura Casale Now Is Where You Are Album Cover

Now Is Where You Are

"Now Is Where You Are", is Laura’s long awaited debut album that was over a decade in the making. Though it is not a triple-platinum album which would have cost thousands of dollars by the hour to create in a top notch recording studio, Laura was still able to invest in the equipment needed and hire some of the finest studio musicians to create the sounds needed to express the musical landscapes she heard in her mind’s eye. Through the process of self-education, Laura learned Pro Tools on an IMac in her home studio, where the album was constructed from start to finish.  She can't take complete credit, as there were a couple of great mentors who coached her through the album production process over several years - her son, Daniel, being one of them.

It was quite the 11-year journey as she learned many things about the recording process. Majority of her free time was spent on the weekends recording, producing, and mixing... all while simultaneously maintaining her piano teaching business during the week. She used much of her own finances to purchase computers for both audio and video, software, microphones and other equipment, as well as pay for musicians. She found the ability to climb some pretty high mountains of new technology, as it was thrown in her path, with no other choice, but to go for it. When equipment failed, software failed, computers crashed, left her with no choice but to take on the new challenge, and a new learning curve.

The album consists of 13 tracks, which vary from progressive melodic rock songs to ambient atmospheric, as well as pop/rock styles. Many songs tell stories of the journey of Laura’s life experiences, both physical and spiritual, with lyrics that offer hope of renewed love, life and peace. The CD contains a 24 page booklet insert full of pictures, lyrics, and artwork by Ed Unitsky, the internationally renowned visual artist, known for his captivating surrealistic art for progressive music and rock albums.

Songs On The Album

1. New Millennium
2. Rescue
3. Reflections
4. Big Sky
5. Full Moon
6. Love
7. Smilin
8. Broken Wing
9. Now Is Where You Are
10. The Real You
11. The Voyage
12. Metamorphosis
13. Peace Be Still

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Videos For The Album

For videos of songs for the album, please see this page.


Laura Casale, Vocals, Piano, Arrangments

Laura Casale By Tree
Laura provides the delicious lead vocals and sonorous piano work on the album. She also took care of the arrangements, recording, engineering, and many of the other studio tasks.

Along the way, she could not have completed her album without the help of others, especially the musicians who collaborated with Laura.

Daniel Reeves, Bass

Daniel Reeves Playing Bass
Daniel started playing multiple instruments such as the piano, drums, guitar, and bass at an early age.  This was largely due to both of his parents being musicians which lead the praise & worship band at church for many years.  With their band setup at a home studio, he had every one's equipment at his disposal to jump from sound to sound, learning as he went.  Years later as the computer music scene became more popular with software, such as Propellerhead's Reason, Cubase, ProTools etc., Daniel discovered that his passion was in producing his own music as a multi-instrumentalist.  He has numerous unreleased albums and has also worked side by side with his brother, James Reeves, on several short-film / documentary projects.

Paul Brannon, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Guitar

Paul Brannon On Guitar
Band member evolves into studio chameleon. Along the way I learned to read standard notation and Nashville number charts, but still love to play by ear.

In January of 2013, the "note reading" thing proved valuable again when I got to record 3 Broadway shows in 6 days for Dan Rudin, Chris McDonald and David Weinstein.

Instruments include electric and acoustic guitars, nylon string, arch top, electric baritone, bouzouki, mandolin, plectrum banjo, Puerto Rican cuatro, resonator (Dobro) and electric bass.

I've played on lots of jingles, helping sell boots, trucks, cars, fast food, sports franchises, aquariums and hospitals and more.

I've played on lots of demos and artist projects. Also music libraries for broadcast and school music curriculum. Also kid's musical theater adaptations of broadway shows and movies.

IF you really want more specifics,
keep reading.

Frank Basile, Drums

Frank Basile On Drums
Graduate of Berklee College of Music, Frank has been a professional musician since the age of 16. He has performed live and in recording studios for over 25 years in Boston, New York, LA, Nashville, and other locations. He also teaches private lessons in the Jacksonville area, and owns and operates an online drum recording service named Live Studio Drums, Frank also likes long walks on the beach with his dog Kimmie.

Van Hunsberger, Drums, Percussion

Van Hunsberger Playind Drums
Van Hunsberger is an active gigging and recording drummer/percussionist residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is a past John Phillip Sousa award winner while attending Dowagiac (Michigan) Union High School, A two-time attendee of the acclaimed Interlochen music camp, an alumni member of the Michigan Marching Band and holder of a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan.
His extensive musical background allows him to play styles ranging from orchestral works, progressive rock and jazz-fusion to big band jazz and swing. With modern drumming influences by the likes of Steve Smith, Neil Peart, Gavin Harrison, Carter Beauford and a host of legendary jazz players such as Baby Dodds, Chick Webb, Gene Krupa & Louis Bellson, Van’s stylistic diversity is certainly an asset to a wide variety of musical projects.Van plays regularly with “Phil Ogilvie’s Rhythm Kings”, a 10 piece, Ann Arbor based, 20’s & 30’s style jazz orchestra led by Grammy-nominated pianist James Dapogny, which features many of the areas finest jazz musicians
Van also records drum tracks in his Pro Tools based digital home studio for various local and national projects. He has worked via the internet with rock & jazz artists in San Diego, Seattle, Maine, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York and Florida.

Jørgen Stougaard, Guitar, Slide Guitar

Jørgen Støugaard Playing Guitar
Jørgen was born and grew up in Denmark. He has played guitar since he was a child and has since played in several bands in his adult life. He loves to play slide guitar. He loves all music, but his favorite is the blues. He was very happy to contribute his slide guitar playing on Laura’s song, New Millennium.


Ed Unitsky, Artist

Artwork by Ed Unitsky. All artwork pertaining to the album, Now Is Where You Are, is © Ed Unitsky. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.